I am sick. I blame Leon.

I woke up yesterday morning with a sore throat. It’s been pretty dry in the apartment the last few nights so I was hoping the soreness was just the result of that and would be cured by a nice cup of tea or something. As pleasant as the tea was, the pain persisted with the requisite troubles swallowing and a mild headache to boot. Ugh. I hope this doesn’t last.

I blame Leon and all that friggin’ wine. I think it stripped my throat of some important protective bacteria or something (no, there is no scientific basis behind this theory, but I’m sticking with it) and left me vulnerable to the man-germs (his term, not mine) that he brought into the apartment. He left for Part Deux of his France adventure yesterday morning (a visit to the countryside for a week), leaving me to convalesce alone. Upon reflection, this may be for the best. He’d probably recommend some wine and honey concoction to make me feel better. 🙂

After class I stayed at home for most of the afternoon being remarkably unproductive. It was windy and rainy – first time in weeks – so going outside wasn’t very inviting anyway. In the evening the rain let up and I went for a long brisk walk to stretch my legs and work off the previous day’s overeating. I watch the first half of the Brazil-North Korea match at a bar and then the second half here at home on my ancient one-channel television. That thing is so comical. When you turn it on, it automatically goes to the highest volume and starts at channel 1. There is only an Up button for the channels so if you’re too anxious and overshoot your desired channel, you have to go through the entire selection before returning to the one you want. This isn’t as big a problem as it sounds as there is a total of 6 channels that it recognizes. Only channel 4 actually receives anything though, the rest are just snow and static. Once you get to channel 4 you have to adjust the rabbit-ear-satellite-contraption that is resting on the tv and then you have to test your seating position. Just because you get a passable picture (it’s never without a fair bit of snow) with sound, doesn’t mean that that is what you’ll get when you sit on the couch. Sit on one side, you get sound, sit on the other side, you get colour. It’s always a crap shoot. I think watching something in HD when I return might actually blow my mind. 🙂

After the game concluded, I slept the sleep of a sick person – fitful, sporadic and ultimately not as fulfilling as one would like – so I decided not to go to class today and just let myself rest as long as I needed. It’s sunny again today but I think I’m going to take it easy, nurse my little headache with happy thoughts (the throat is on the mend – free of wine for 24 hours, the happy protective bacteria have returned!) and do my environment essay.

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